About me

Daniel was raised in a blue collar family with a father who was a tire worker in Akron, Ohio. His mother stayed home to take care of the family. They lived in a two bedroom home and he shared a bedroom with his older sister. His father wanted him to become a great baseball player, so Daniel was on the field most summers. He saw there was a story in every ball game. When the baseball career faded away, he embarked on a college career in secondary education, with a major in social studies. After graduation, he became a teacher. Then went on to get a degree in guidance and counseling. Now the emotions were really showing up in his life. Everybody had a story to tell and they all needed to tell their story to somebody. He learned to be a good listener. He used writing as a way to pour out his thoughts and emotions from his daily experiences with students and families.
Daniel was fortunate to meet his wife, Nancy, who was also a teacher. They enjoyed some years of travel across the US and Canada during their summer breaks. Soon they welcomed four children into their family and were busy raising their own family when they were struck by the medical emergency of Daniel’s ruptured cerebral aneurysm. Daniel was quite lucky to survive but it eventually became evident that he had to retire from his position as an educator. But on the bright side, this gave him more time to work on his poetry, then flash fiction and then entire books. He actively sought publication opportunities and found a following for his writing. He is proud of his many accomplishments in writing, but mostly thrilled with the success of his adult children in their own careers. He is also the proud grandfather of seven more little ones.
Daniel Gallik has been writing poetry his whole life, as a way to express his emotions. He is the kind of a person that laughs, gets mad and gets sad. What began as a hobby, has now brought him publishing acclaim. His poems were well-received and many were accepted in literary journals and online publications. Because the poems were shorter with good descriptive language, he began to extend his writing into flash fiction. After he suffered a ruptured cerebral aneurysm in 1993, he had to relearn how to speak, read and write the English language. In that process, he started to extend his poems into short stories and eventually full length novels. He gained new a respect for his ability to understand people and emotions and life in general. Now he has written several books and four of them have been published.